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Sustainability and fair trade are at the heart of what we do.
Keeping the planet free of plastic is what drives us. 

Surf Sock is the only recycled alternative to help you slide onto your wetsuit fast!  Not only does it make it a whole lot easier, it helps to keep your wettie in better condition.  

Our re-Sail range of pouches, backpacks, mobile phone pouches and document folios are stylish, versatile and unique.


Designed and made in Australia from new sail offcuts destined for landfill.  


All our products are hand made and guaranteed to last.  Keeping our planet plastic free.


The easiest and recycled way to slide into your wetsuit

  • Simply place the Surf Sock over your hand or foot and slide your wettie on - it's that easy!

  • Brilliant for wet wetsuits

  • No more pulling and tugging - helps to keep your wetsuit in good shape

  • Super strong and reusable -  guaranteed to last!

  • Great for kids and adults

  • The solution for all wetsuit wearers
    - surfers, ocean swimmers, divers,




"The sail material is even more frictionless than a plastic bag, it’s certainly more durable, and its recycled and reusable."
- Chris, The Surf Continium


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