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Surf Sock - The story behind the brand

Surf Sock - The story behind the brand

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Surf Sock Founders l-r Nadine Cattell an

Surf Sock was born from our concern about plastic pollution. Our kids were putting plastic bags on their feet to make it easier to slide into their wetsuits and every weekend my backyard was littered with broken plastic bags. We wanted to find a sustainable alternative that was reusable and could be used by all wetsuit wearers.

We've been very lucky to find a fabulous local sailcloth suppliers who lets us take offcuts that would otherwise go to landfill. We collect an array of colours and material which is why every Surf Sock is unique.  

Not wanting to see so much beautiful sail material go to waste, we launched a sister range called re-Sail. Just like Surf Sock our re-Sail products are made to last and provide a lasting alternative to plastic bags. 


Sure, it would be much easier to buy material and mass produce, but we think it's worth going the extra mile to minimise landfill and plastic pollution. We hope you do too.

  • Made from sail offcuts destined for landfill

  • Designed and made in Australia

  • Keeping our oceans plastic free.


Nadine xx

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