Great gift pack for your water loving bestie. Includes handy splash and sand-proof pouch, Surf Sock, surf wax and hand-carved bamboo wax comb.


The pouch is perfect for keeping items in one spot. Can be used as a fin bag, to keep your mobile phone and book dry and sand free, for your goggles and swim cap, toiletries, pencil case... the list is endless!


Both the pouch and Surf Sock are made from tough reclaimed hi-tech sail material that was heading to landfill. The same sailcloth that powers the Super Maxi yachts to Hobart.

  • Pouch size - approximately 28cm x 18cm - No more plastic bags!
  • Tough and durable.
  • Made of sail material that would otherwise have been sent to landfill. Free P & H for Australian deliveries - how good is that!
  • The perfect gift. Surf Sock + Bamboo Wax Comb + Surf Wax.


    Choose your favourite colour Surf Sock to go with a sustainable bamboo wax comb - a great alternative to the commonly used plastic options. Sourced from our Balinese plastic warrior, DeJuan who is educating his local community on how they can be part of reducing the massive plastic pollution problem that is threatening their beautiful island.


    The gift pack also includes Australian made Froth Surf Wax that stays on your board rather than leaking into the ocean when your in the water. Long lasting and truly sustainable.


    Please select Surf Sock colour and if you need an Extra-Large Surf Sock please wriite your colour choice in the 'Add your comment' section on the check-out page.

    Extra-large Surf Socks (Men's size 12 plus ) are available in the following colours

    - Blue Royale

    - Red Hot

    - Hi-Viz

    - Fluro Tiger

    - Its a Steel (grey)

    - Magpie (black and white)

    - Purple Passion



FREE P&H for all standard Australian deliveries. How good is that!

Please note:  If you need your pack hurry, please pay for Express Delivery. We can deliver to Manly (NSW) and surrounding suburbs or pick up from Manly available.




re-Sail Pouch + Surf Sock Gift Pack

Surf Sock Colour